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Monday, October 5, 2009

Events - Updated

Thank you friends. Here are the List of Ongoing Events by our fellow bloggers. Hope it is easy for you and also let me know any events in your blog with the dates and link.

Sweets and Savouries Event by me Roundup Part 1 and Roundup Part 2 Savouries.

Dussehra, Dhantheras and Deepavali by Shanthi ends 4th October Roundup Posted.

Garnish the Dish by Nithya and Pavithra ends 6th October.

Food for 7 Stages of Life - Pregnancy by Radhika and Sudeshna Roundup Posted.

Kids Delight by Srivalli ends 15th October.

Monthly Mingle with High Tea Treats by Aparna and Meeta ends 15th October.

Diwali 2009 Contest by Priya ends 18th October.

JFI Rajma by Divya Vikram ends 31st October.

WFY Light Meal by EC ends 31st October.

Think Spice Think Coriander by Priya ends 31st October.

Microwave Easy Cooking - Fresh Produce by Suma Gundlur and Srivalli ends 31st October.

Cooking for Infants and Toddlers 0-3 yrs by Radhika and Sudesna ends 31st October.

FIL Ghee Sweets by Sanghi ends 1st November.

Cooking for Kids - Wheat by Sharmi and Sireesha ends 2nd November.

Sweet Series by Sireesha ends 4th November.

Say Cheese by Saraswathi Iyer ends 10th November.


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