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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

December Events!!!

Dear Friends,

Herbs n Flowers Spring Onion by Kaveri and PJ ends 15th Dec. Roundup here

100day Global Food Festival by Kalyani ends 31st Dec.

Christmas Newyear Eve 2011 by Hema ends 31st Dec.

Are you hosting an event? Drop me a mail or comment and spread the world.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 2011 Events

Halloween Fiesta by Vardhini ends 5th Nov 2011.

Breakfast Club Stars and Stripes by Helen ends 14th Nov.

Herbs n Flowers Parsley by Anu and PJ ends 15th Nov.

Lets Go Back to our roots by Archana ends 30th Nov 2011.

Flavours of China by Kalyani and Nayna ends 30th Nov.

Bake Fest #1 by Vardhini ends 30th Nov.

Dish it out Soy and Tomato by Vardhini ends 30th Nov.

Serve it Savory Baked by Denny and Krithika ends 30th Nov.

Monday, October 24, 2011

October 2011 Events!!!

Back to Basics Chutney by Jaya and Siri ends 7th Oct.

ARS F for Fruit Curries by Charita and Richa ends 10th Oct.

100 Yummy Diwali Sweet Recipes Ebook by Indusladies ends 10th Oct. Download Roundup for Free

Fast Food not Fat Food by Archana and Priya ends 15th Oct.

CC Whats for Friday's Dinner by Sravani ends 15th Oct.

Healthy Living by Deepika ends 15th Oct.

Kids Delight Party by Srivalli ends 15th Oct.

Food Palatte Rainbow Colours by Akheela ends 31st Oct.

Serve it Festival Potluck by Krithika and Denny ends 31st Oct.

Halloween Party by Hankerie ends 31st Oct.

Flavours of Indonesia by Hrishi and Nayna ends 31st Oct.

Healing Foods Coconut by Sukanya and Siri ends 31st Oct.

My Diwali my way by Kushi ends 31st Oct.

Kerala Kitchen by Kushi ends 31st Oct.

Diwali Festival of Lights by Anu ends 31st Oct.

CEDD Strawberry  Roundup by Kalyani.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sept 2011 Events!!!

Hi friends,

Seasonal Indulgence Series Monsoon Medley by Sukanya ends 10th Sept.

Olivado Getaway Giveaway by Akila ends 15th Sept.

Herbs n Flowers Garlic by Vardhini and PJ ends 15th Sept.

Flavours of South India by Nayna ends 30th Sept. Roundup 1 and Roundup 2.

Vrat ka Khana(Fasting Food Special) by Kalyani ends 30th SEpt.

Almonds Event n Giveaway by Anu and Raven ends 30th SEpt.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas- Dates by Aarthi ends 30th Sept.

Serve it Steamed by Krithi and Denny ends 30th Sept.

CWS Quinoa by Priya and Priya ends 30th Sept.

CWF Fenugreek by Priya ends 30th Sept.

Life is Green by Shilpa ends 30th Sept

Breakfast Club Conserves by Helen ends 30th Sept.

Dish it out Potatoes n Leafy Greens by Vardhini and Priya ends 30th Sept.

Veggie/Fruit a month Cauliflower by Priya and Shri ends 30th Sept.

Celebrate Sweets Fruits n Veggies by Raks and Nivedita ends 30th Sept.

Healing Foods Berries Event by Smitha and Siri ends 30th Sept.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 2011 Events

Fast Food not Fat Food by Vardhini and Priya ends 15th Aug.

Indian Mithai Mela by Kalyani ends 8th Aug. Roundup Part 1 and Part 2.

Swarovski Ring giveaway by Akila ends 8th Aug.

CWWF Ragi by Denny ends 10th Aug.

DMBLG Event by Pavithra ends 20th Aug.

Forever Nigella Picnic Pleasures by Helen ends 28th Aug.

Food Palatte Series Black by Akila ends 31st Aug.

LGSS Capsicum by Archana and Vatsala ends 31st Aug.

MLLA by Preeti and Susan ends 31st Aug.

Serve it Fried by Krithika ends 31st Aug.

HLI Carrots by Kalyani ends 31st Aug.Roundup here.

Herbs n Flowers Basil by Reva and PJ ends 31st Aug.

Dish it out Tomato and Chilli by Reva ends 31st Aug. Roundup here.

Joy from Fasting to Feasting IV by Lubna ends 31st Aug.

Breakfast Club Potatoes by Helen ends 31st Aug.

Create n Carve Fruit n Veg by Nayna ends 31st Aug. Roundup.

HLI Carrots by Kalyani ends 31st Aug.

Do leave the details for the event update.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2011 Events

Food Palette Series Purple by Akheela ends 5th July 2011.

MMK One Pot Meal by Kalyani ends 9th July Roundup here.

Herbs n Flowers Banana Blossom by Sukanya ends 15th July 2011.

Flavours of Rajasthan by Sonu and Nayna ends 31st July. Roundup 1 and Roundup 2.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Paneer by Jayashree and Kalyani ends 31st July.

Create n Carve Fruit /Vegetable by Saraswathi Iyer and Nayna ends 31st July. Roundup here.

Only Baked with Giveaway by Harini Jaya and Pari ends 31st July.

Signature Recipes with Giveaway by Saraswathi ends 31st July.

Serve it Grilled by Krithika and Denis ends 31st July.

Dish it out Mushroom n Onion by Vardhini and Kalyani ends 31st July.

WWC Corn for Dinner by Revathi and Sanjeeta ends 31st July.

Veggie/Fruit a month Carrot by Revathi and Priya ends 31st July.

Roti Pachadi/Chutney by Sravani ends 31st July.

Breakfast Club Cereal by Helen ends 31st July.

Healthy Fiber and Protein Rich Whole Grains by Anu ends 31st July.

Do send in your entries and dont forget to get updates by following this space.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 2011 Events

CWF LB Toor Dal/Pigeon Peas by Suma and Kiran ends 10th June.

Herbs & Flowes Mushrooms by PJ and RS ends 15th June 2011.

Forever Nigella 6 by Sarah ends 26th June 2011.

Dish it out Spinach n Garlic by Vardhini ends 30th June 2011.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Brocolli by Vardhini ends 30th June.

Create n Carve Fruit n Veg by Linda and Nayna ends 30th June.

Breakfast Club Berries by Nayna and Helen ends 30th June. Roundup here.

Serve it Chilled by Krithika and Denise ends 30th June Roundup here.

Healing Foods Banana by Krithika and Siri ends 30th June.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Events

Food Palette Series Pink by Akheela ends 15th May 2011.

Cooking with Herbs n Flowers Fenugreek by Kalyani and PJ ends 15th May 2011.

HRH -Healthy Summer by Kurinji ends 15th May.

Flavours of Bengal by Priya and Nayna ends 31st May 2011.

Dish Name starts with 'H' by Akila ends 31st May 2011.

WWC Ragi by Kalyani ends 31st May 2011.

Create n Carve Fruit n Veg by Krithika and Nayna ends 31st May 2011.

CWS Mustard Seeds by Kiran ends 31st May.

Fast Food Noodles by Shama ends 31st May.

Breakfast Club Vegetarian n Savory by Joanna and Helen ends 31st May.

Mocktails and Coolers by Nayna ends 31st May Roundup 1 and Roundup 2.

Tried n Tested by Zlamushka n Lakshmi ends 31st May.

Do leave the details for the event update.


Monday, May 2, 2011

April Events

Healthy Recipe Hunt - Puffed Rice/Pori by Kurinji ends 3rd April 2011.

Celebrate Sweets Icecream by Reshmi and Nivedita ends 5th April.

Fast Food NOT Fat Food by Priya ends 15th April.

Design a Menu by Harini ends 15th April.

Herbs & Flowers in my Platter - Coriander by Krithi ends 15th April.

Breakfast Club-Pancakes by Krithi ends 30th April.

Create n Carve Fruits n Veggie by Nayna ends 30th April Roundup here.

Healing Foods Mango by Revathi and Siri ends 30th April.

MEC LunchBox Menu by Lata and Srivalli ends 30th April.

Ragi Recipes by Dr. Sameena ends 30th April.

Celebrate Sweets Sweets with Rice by Priya and Nivedita.

Healthy Appetizer by Smitha ends 30th April.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Events

Hi Friends,

Are you hosting any event and want to spread. Leave a comment or mail me the details to simplysara07@gmail.com.

Blogger Marathon with Edible Garden by Jayasri ends 8th March 2011.
Food Palette Brown and Giveaway by Akeela ends 15th March 2011.
ARS Event B - Breakfast by Charita ends 15th March 2011.
Flavours of Maharashtra by PJ and Nayna ends 31st March 2011.
Create & Carve by Helen and Nayna ends 31st March.
Crazy for Cakes by Priya ends 31st March.
Breakfast Club - Whole Grains by Helen ends 27th March.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Events

Hi Friends,

Are you hosting any event and want to spread. Leave a comment or mail me the details to simplysara07@gmail.com

Twist The Traditional Idli by Satya ends 15th Feb 2011.

Food Palette Green and Giveaway by Akheela ends 15th Feb 2011.

Healthy Recipe Hunt Aval by Kurinji ends 15th Feb 2011.

A APPETIZERS by Charitha ends 15th Feb 2011.

Bloggers Marathon by Jayasri ends 20th Feb 2011.

Innovative Salads Cucumber by Pia ends 25th Feb 2011.

Celebrating Sandwich by Sujana ends 28th Feb.

Veggie/Fruit Strawberry by Pari and Priya ends 28th Feb.

ONLY Cooking with Bread and Giveaway  by Pari ends 28th Feb.

Healing Food Ginger/Garlic by Saraswathi and Siri ends 28th Feb 2011.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 2011 Events

Dear Friends,

Wish you all Advance wishes for New Year 2011.

Food Palatte - White by Akheela ends 5th Jan 2011.

Celebrate Sweets - Sugarless Sweets by Saraswathi Iyer and Nivedita ends 7th Jan 2011.

CWS-Ajwain by Kavita and Priya ends 10th Jan 2011.

Pongal Feast Event by Kurunji ends on 17th Jan 2011.

Flavours of Goa by Denny and Nayna ends 31st Jan 2011. Roundup here.

Healing Foods - Eggplant by Siri and hosted by Kavita ends 31st Jan 2011.

Taking Plunge by Priya ends 31st Jan 2011.

Create n Carve Fruit n Veg by Mina and Nayna ends 31st Jan 2011. Roundup here

Do drop me the event details here for updation.


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