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Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Events

Hi Friends,

This month events. Click on the name of the event for details.

Food Palette Red and Giveaway by Akheela ends 4th Dec 2010.

CWS - Anardana/Pomogranate Seeds by Jayasri and Priya ends 10th Dec 2010.

CMT-Daal/Kadhi/Sambar/Rasam by Priya and Jagruti ends 15th Dec. 2010.

Only Greens and Giveaway by Saraswathi and Pari ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Dish Name starts with D by Akila ends 31st Dec. 2010.

AWED Vietnam by Priya and DK ends 31st Dec. 2010.

MLLA 30 by Priya and Susan ends 31st Dec. 2010

Veggie/Fruit A Month - Ripe Banana by Aipi and Priya ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event by Nayna ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Trifle Event by Mehnaz ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Celebrating Regional Cuisine by Sujana ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Do leave a comment incase you are hosting an event.

Thanks & Regards,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct Events

Hi Friends,

Events for October 2010.

CWF- Chickpea by Nithu ends 10th Oct.
Complete my Thali-Chutney by Jagruti ends 5th Oct.
'ONLY' Festive Food by Preeti and Pari ends 31st Oct.
AWED - Brazil by me and DK ends 31st Oct.
Food Palette- Orange and a Giveaway by Akheela ends 31st Oct.
MEC Festive Dishes by Smitha ends 31st Oct.

Do drop your comments in case you are hosting an event.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept Events

Hi Friends,

My Favourite Recipe by Aparna ends 10th Sept.
Festive Food Raksha Bandan by Priti ends 12th Sept.
No Bake Event by Aparna ends 15th Sept.
Show me ur Curry by Divya ends 25th Sept.
Colour Your Palate- A Visual Treat by Sanyukta ends 30th Sept.
Festive Rice by Akheela ends 30th Sept.
Global Kadai - Chinese Spring Rolls by Niloufer ends 30th Sept.
AWED - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Niloufer ends 30th Sept.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aug 2010 Events

Hello Friends,

Vegetable Marathon - Drumstick by Sowjanya ends 10th Aug.
Iftar Moments by Umm ends 10th Aug.
MM- Party Treats by me and Meeta ends 17th Aug.
Cold Desserts by Akheela ends 20th Aug.
Dish Name Starts with A by Akila ends 31st Aug.
CID Event by Akila ends 31st Aug.
Veggie/Fruit Cherries by Umm ends 31st Aug.
Bookmarked Recipes on Tuesday Event by Priya

Hope to see your delicious entries.


Friday, July 16, 2010

July Events!!!

Hi Friends,

Best out of Waste by Nithu ends 5th July.
I love my dad by Jay ends 15th July.
Soccer Mania by Niloufer ends 17th July.
CWS- Sago Seeds by Niloufer ends 31st July.
Veggie/Fruit a month - Corn by Akheela and Priya ends 31st July.
MEC-Favorites by PJ ends 31st July.
EFM-Sweets n Savouries Diwali Series by Srilekha ends 31st July.
Lets Sprout by Priya ends 31st July.

Do leave a comment to feature your event here.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June Events!!!

Hi Friends,

Here are June Events.

Think Spice Think Garam Masala by me at Sara's Corner ends 30th June.
Cooking with Seeds - Pepper by Padma ends 30th June.

Do leave a comment with details of your event to get featured.

Saraswathi Iyer

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Events!!!

Hi Friends,

I am sorry for not updating your events since am on vacation. Do drop in your events will join back soon.

Mothers Day Event by Jyoti ends 10th May.
No Bake Event by Aparna ends 15th May.
Cooking with Seeds - Cumin Seeds by Saraswathi ends 31st May.

Happy Hosting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Events!!!

Pasta Party by Jyoti ends 10th March.
Vegetable Marathan -Egg Plant by Anitha ends 11th March.
Think Beyond the Usual - Fruits by Nithu ends 31st March.
MEC Celebrating Bloggers by Jayashree ends 31st March.
Healing Foods - Spinach by Divya ends 31st March.
Healthy Snacks by Divya ends 31st March.
Tested & Tried by Divya ends 31st March.
Joyful Eating whilst Travelling by Jagruti ends 5th April.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Events

Cooking with Seeds - Sesame Seeds by Priya ends 5th Feb 2010.
FF7SL - Healthy Fast Food by Radhika ends 5th Feb.
APS - Rice by Anita ends 9th Feb.
Kids Delight - Wholesome Breakfast by Srivalli ends 15th Feb.
Healthy Inspiration Event - Soups by Usha ends 21st Feb.
Semi Homemade by Rahin ends 24th Feb
No cook event by PJ ends 28th Feb.
MEC Soups by me ends 28th Feb.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 2010 Events!!!

Dear Friends,
Hope you are having a great start in this New Year.

Blogger Aid Giveaway - Desserts, Pastries n Icecream by Radhika ends 5th Jan.
50th post Giveaway by Oraphan ends 10th Jan.
Wholegrain Eggless Baking - Corn by Madhuram ends 10th Jan.
MM Winter Fruits and Vegetables by Sudeshna ends 14th Jan.
AWED Portuguese by Priya ends 15th Jan.
Kitchen Mishaps by Malar ends 15th Jan.
Show me your cake by Divya ends 15th Jan.
Cakes and Cookies by me ends 30th Jan.
Cakes and Cookies by Mahimaa ends 31st Jan.
CFK - Creative food for Picky/Fussy Healthy Breakfast n Dinner by me ends 31st Jan.

EFM - Mutton by Srilekha ends 31st Jan.
Home remedies by Sadhana ends 31st Jan.
MLLA - 19th Helping by EC ends 31st Jan.
MEC - Dips n Spreads by Manju and Srivalli ends 31st Jan.

Do leave a comment or mail me at simplysara07@gmail.com in case your event has to be updated in this list.

Happy Hosting.

Saraswathi Iyer

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