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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Events!

Cook with Spices Fenugreek seeds by Vardhini ends 5th April.

Cooking with Whole Foods - Peanut by Reshmi ends 10th April.

Healthy Finger Food for Babies by Sowjanya ends 10th April.

Cooking with Love Mom by Saraswathi Iyer and Nithu ends 30th April. Roundup.

Only Snacks & Starters by Pari and Raji ends 30th April.

Soy Recipes by Prabha ends 30th April.

 Kitchen chronicles - Heirloom Recipes by Saras ends 30th April.

Lets Make Sandwich by Nayna ends 30th April.

Flavours of Turkey by Nayna and PJ ends 30th April.

CWS Oats by Kalyani ends 30th April.

Bake Fest #6 by Sumee ends 30th April.

Bon Vivant - Breakfast Ideas  by Sumee ends 30th April.

Fruit of the month Grapes by Priya and Shama ends 30th April.

Showcase whats in your lunch box by Divya ends 30th April.

Dish it out Green Gram, Carrot n Potato by Saraswathi Iyer and Vardhini from 5th April ends 5th May.

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