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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2011 Events

Food Palette Series Purple by Akheela ends 5th July 2011.

MMK One Pot Meal by Kalyani ends 9th July Roundup here.

Herbs n Flowers Banana Blossom by Sukanya ends 15th July 2011.

Flavours of Rajasthan by Sonu and Nayna ends 31st July. Roundup 1 and Roundup 2.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Paneer by Jayashree and Kalyani ends 31st July.

Create n Carve Fruit /Vegetable by Saraswathi Iyer and Nayna ends 31st July. Roundup here.

Only Baked with Giveaway by Harini Jaya and Pari ends 31st July.

Signature Recipes with Giveaway by Saraswathi ends 31st July.

Serve it Grilled by Krithika and Denis ends 31st July.

Dish it out Mushroom n Onion by Vardhini and Kalyani ends 31st July.

WWC Corn for Dinner by Revathi and Sanjeeta ends 31st July.

Veggie/Fruit a month Carrot by Revathi and Priya ends 31st July.

Roti Pachadi/Chutney by Sravani ends 31st July.

Breakfast Club Cereal by Helen ends 31st July.

Healthy Fiber and Protein Rich Whole Grains by Anu ends 31st July.

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