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Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Events

Hi Friends,

This month events. Click on the name of the event for details.

Food Palette Red and Giveaway by Akheela ends 4th Dec 2010.

CWS - Anardana/Pomogranate Seeds by Jayasri and Priya ends 10th Dec 2010.

CMT-Daal/Kadhi/Sambar/Rasam by Priya and Jagruti ends 15th Dec. 2010.

Only Greens and Giveaway by Saraswathi and Pari ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Dish Name starts with D by Akila ends 31st Dec. 2010.

AWED Vietnam by Priya and DK ends 31st Dec. 2010.

MLLA 30 by Priya and Susan ends 31st Dec. 2010

Veggie/Fruit A Month - Ripe Banana by Aipi and Priya ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event by Nayna ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Trifle Event by Mehnaz ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Celebrating Regional Cuisine by Sujana ends 31st Dec. 2010.

Do leave a comment incase you are hosting an event.

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